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When we need to record individual activities or collect metrics, we can facilitate the implementation with dotBusiness – checkpoint. We can also perform a check using the checklist and record the parameters and proportions of the measurements taken.

The most common examples of such records are: records of miscellaneous cleaning, records of sterilizations and disinfection in health care, records of emptying of garbage bins of utility contractors, records of insights into personal data, records of activities on vessels in the wine and brewing industry, records of activities in the food industry, records recorded …

In addition to performing records, we can simultaneously record the parameters of various measurements, as well as define the proportion of each parameter.

The most common examples are: inventory of water measurement parameters, inventory of parameters in the hospitality industry, inventory of parameters in the food industry, inventory of parameters in the pharmaceutical industry.


First, it is necessary to define the parameters of the task: type of service, material consumption, periodicity of the task, max. task duration, start of execution, need for report, need for evidence (images, GPS location), need for feedback with estimates, need to send promotions and notifications, record measurement parameters, or share of each measured parameter.

All the required parameters are entered through the web portal into the control points, which determine the micro-locations for performing records.

For later statistical processing, the control site can be divided into object types and location (floors, basement, ..).

We assign to each contractor (employee or outsourcer) at which microlocations he will perform individual services, what material he will use for the inventory.

We also determine if we require a start and end location, and if necessary, take a picture of the beginning, intermediate, and final situations.


The contractor will receive a link to enter the dotBusiness checkpoint application password on the phone (iOS or android) to the email address. Download the app for free from the store (google or apple).

After first logging into the application, it scans the pasted QR code at the site of the service (it can also manually select from the list of microlocations and types of works) and thus starts recording the task.

Depending on the arrangement or need, the initial or intermediate status may be an image, an input, and an inventory of material consumption.

After the task is completed, it simply completes the task, whose parameters are automatically saved during the activity. She can view her activities on her phone.


The Supervisor can review activities and costs at any time, according to the parameters selected, via the web portal at any time. In addition, we can receive an automatically generated personalized email report based on your requested and agreed needs.


When we need feedback from visitors, customers, supervisors, we simply enter the evaluation parameters on the web portal for each microlocation.

An individual thanks to a thank-you note / plaque / announcement with an integrated QR code of micro-location pictures the code with the camera of the phone.

It automatically directs the user to the evaluation page and looks at the list of microlocation activities.

We can allow the user to participate in the prize game and also show him a notification or daily promotion.


+ easy activity logging

+ Automatically generate personalized reports

+ communication with contractors

+ overview of implementation costs

+ reminders and alerts

+ customer feedback with ratings

+ promotional notifications to customers

+ archive

+ a very affordable solution


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